About This Smorgasbord

I’ve voted blue, green and red. My career has included jobs advocating at the individual, community, state and federal levels. I’ve been professionally involved in politics in the business, non-profit and public sectors and passionately involved in movements traditionally populated by people considered radically left-wing as well as some movements populated by people considered radically right-wing.

It may appear that I am one seriously politically-confused person. Rather, I think my politics are actually held together by some basic, cohesive principles which I want to try to articulate in this blog. I choose this public forum because there’s little I enjoy more than a spicy discussion between “friends” about politics (especially while gathered around good food and/or drink) and because I hope that I can foster greater understanding between and among different political affiliations.

I think we have more in common than most of us realize; though I won’t promise, nor would I desire, that every conversation on this blog will be moderate. Honestly, I hate calling myself a moderate because it somehow sounds dispassionate, watered down, undecided, bland…and it just doesn’t fit. Perhaps I am more of the political version of culinary fusion- trying to borrow good ideas from diverse places and blending them to make something that works.

Anyway, a dinner table seems like the perfect place to have a bit of friendly and spirited political discourse. So along the way, I’ll serve up some literal recipes as well as some food-for-thought and I’d love it if you’d bring a dish to share, too. Most of my political thinking is a work-in-progress so I am looking forward to learning as I go. Since I’m a mother of 3 children aged 3 and under, I’m often beyond exhausted so sometimes the food might be more palatable than the political thinking (or not, if I’m really out of it!) Maybe some yummy recipes can make up for some badly articulated political philosophy.

Savoring real food or food-for-thought: half-baked or overdone, I’d like this to be about politics that can bring us together around this virtual kitchen table. But one way or another, I’ll bet we can at least keep this smorgasbord tasty and interesting.


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